New ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Spoilers: Melinda May’s Ex-Husband And Skye’s Real Identity

A lot happened in the new Agents of SHIELD episode this week, and there’s a lot coming up when the show returns from its winter break in 2015. After all, the show did just reveal something pretty big about Skye – and it all starts with her name.

The latest episode revealed that Skye’s father is Cal (Calvin Zabo, supervillain Mr. Hyde) and her real name is actually Daisy (Daisy Johnson, the superhero Quake). Watch a clip of Skye coming face to face with her father below.

It’s going to be a long wait until the next new Agents of SHIELD episode after those two pieces of information – and after that ending, which showed her petrified by the obelisk only to emerge changed. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of Tripp, who instead crumbled into pieces.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen to find out what’s coming up next. According to Tancharoen, this was always Skye’s journey.

“That was our goal from the beginning. Of course, there are always the series of clearances, but we always knew we wanted to evolve Skye into something else. Daisy Johnson was the main character that we wanted to go for. We got confirmation on that very early on, so we’ve been on that track ever since.”

There are going to be “consequences” coming, especially when it comes to her relationships, specifically with Coulson, the EP teased. Whedon added that they have changed a few things and merged a couple of ideas together because Daisy’s not an Inhuman in the comics.

“We’ve created a different origin for her, partially because we want to introduce this new other world that we get another glimpse of at the very end of the episode. We merged those two ideas together also because there are such rabid fans out there that if we stick to original story points from the comics, they will smell story points from miles away. Those two factors led us to coming up with a different notion of how she got her powers.”

This kicks off a new origin story for Skye as Daisy, which, as Tancharoen put it, “is directly connected to the loss of one of her dear friends.” The EP called it “a very complex, emotional journey for her.” That includes the show diving into this new world of Inhumans and having Skye gain powers.

Meanwhile, while the Inquisitr previously reported that Robert Downey Jr. would be willing to appear on the ABC series, and you never know who could show up in new Agents of SHIELD episodes in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, there is no news out now about that now. However, if you’re looking for news on what’s coming up when the show returns, the Hollywood Reporter has reported that Blair Underwood will be guest starring on the series as Dr. Andrew Garner, Melinda May’s estranged ex-husband. Watch May in action in the sky from the latest episode in the video below.

Underwood begins filming this week, and he’ll first appear in a March episode. The series is currently on hiatus until March 3, with the new series Marvel’s Agent Carter premiering January 6. Watch the latest sneak peek for the new series below to see Peggy getting ready for work.

The next new Agents of SHIELD episode airs March 3 on ABC.

[Image via ABC]