Tim Tebow Comeback: Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Injuries Could Leave Tebow An Opening

Tim Tebow has kept himself in shape to return to the NFL, and reportedly has an out in his contract with the SEC Network in case an NFL team comes calling. Now it appears he could be getting his shot.

The Arizona Cardinals just lost their second quarterback of season, with backup Drew Stanton going down during a Thursday night win over the St. Louis Rams. The Cardinals already lost original starter Carson Palmer with a torn ACL. Though the extent of Stanton’s injury is not known, if it is season-ending, it would leave the Cardinals with only third-stringer Ryan Lindley and rookie Logan Thomas.

After the game, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said the team doesn’t know yet the extent of Stanton’s injury.

“We know he has a knee injury,” said coach Bruce Arians. “We have no idea what the extent of it is. He’s had a previous one, so there’s not any knowledge whatsoever. We’ll take it very slow with him and see how it goes once we get in the MRI and all that information.”

With Lindley struggling in relief of Stanton — he want 4-for-10 passing for just 30 yards — there is speculation that the Cardinals will have to look to free agency to fill their quarterback need.

That could mean a chance for Tim Tebow to return to the league. While it may seem unlikely, Tebow’s unconventional style could actually play to his advantage. Bruce Arians is known for his complicated offensive system, making it difficult for an outside quarterback to simply “plug and play.” Arians has some quarterbacks who played under his system when he was in Pittsburgh — including Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch, and Byron Leftwich — but all have been out of the league just like Tebow.

Tim Tebow could bring the Cardinals a new dimension, reviving his rushing attack and connecting on long passes to Larry Fitzgerald while relying on the tough Arizona defense to keep the team in games — his recipe for success with the Denver Broncos. The simple approach could overcome the difficulties other quarterbacks might face in Arians’ system.

While it may still be a long shot for Tim Tebow to return to the NFL, this could be the best (and possibly last) chance he’s going to get.