Pierce Brosnan Makes TV Return in A&E’s “Bag of Bones”

In what will be his first small screen series since the late 80s’ Remington Steele, GoldenEye actor Pierce Brosnan is set to make his TV return in Stephen King’s, “Bag of Bones.”

The series, set to air Sunday and Monday, Dec. 11 and 12, on A&E, at 9pm, tells the story of a best-selling novelist Mike Noonan (Pierce) who seems to be going slowly insane at a remote lake town after his wife’s death. Like nearly all King thrillers, it’s filled with a host of supernatural and psychological twists.

“This is a good one. I think you will like it,” Brosnan, who has worked with King in the past (The Lawnmower Man), said on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

In a recent interview with the NY Post, Brosnan praised King’s ability to captivate an audience.

“[King] is a masterful storyteller. I think that’s why his work is always held in such high esteem, because he manages to include topics of fantasy and racism and embroiders the story with such layered storytelling amidst all the shock and gore horror of it all. I just want people to enjoy the first night of the series and leave saying, “I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I wonder what’s going to happen.”

Having played James Bond prior to Daniel Craig, Brosnan also gave his thoughts on Craig as 007 in the upcoming Bond film Skyfall.

“He’s a tough dude. They have to,” said Brosnan. “Big competition with “Bourne Identity” and one thing or another. He’ll be right as rain.”

Besides, Bag of Bones, Brosnan’s recent big screen project was, I Don’t Know How She Does It. The film, an American comedy based on Allison Pearson’s novel of the same name, hit theaters on September 16th of this year.

Check out Pierce Brosnan in the trailer for Bag of Bones below: