Kimye Divorce Rumors: Kim Kardashian Gets Shade In Bedroom, Kanye West Says ‘No’ To Sex?

In the midst of the holiday season, the divorce rumors about Kimye are alive and well. According to a Hollywood Life source, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the verge off a split, and not even the reality TV star’s buttlicious assets are enough to keep Yeezy interested. Word is Kim is getting the shade-treatment from her husband in the bedroom, and she is full-on begging him for sex — allegedly.

To demonstrate the seesaw state of affairs with the couple’s relationship, no sooner than Inquisitr wrote that Kim Kardashian celebrated the holidays with her 55-pound weight-loss and Baby North, tabloids claimed Kimye is on the verge of divorcing because Kanye is allegedly playing hard to get between the sheets, and is refusing to get intimate with his new bride.

The latest rumor about one of Hollywood’s storied couples comes from an insider who says West is fully focused on his musical career at the expense of his famous wife. The source shared the deets of Kimye’s supposed marital challenges.

“Kim is desperate to sleep with her husband, but is having a tough time convincing him to stop working and come to bed with her. Now, Kim has resorted to begging Kanye to come home and spend more intimate time together.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry weighed in on Life’s coverage, and cast doubts about the very thought Kanye West is “holding back” on sexual relations with one of the world’s most coveted women. Sources there contend that there’s more to why their marriage may be in trouble than meets the eye — if it’s in trouble at all.

Speculation about Kardashian and West divorcing surfaced prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Then, some media sources said Kimye’s gloves came off in the marriage when Kanye missed a number of family engagements and continues to be a cameo-only type of contributor to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show. Others say the “it” hit the fan when the self-proclaimed musical prophet missed turkey dinner that his wife hosted, and even refused to appear in the annual Kardashian family Christmas card. Reportedly, this is why they nixed it for 2014.

CDL even raised the possibility West may be cheating again, which may shed light on why Kanye is turning his nose up to having sex with Kim. There is no official word on infidelity, which clearly would be a game-changer, and grounds for divorce in Kimye’s short marriage.

To Kanye’s credit, as his creativity widens, so does his traveling schedule. Bear in mind that, while some critics in the States give West the business, Kim Kardashian’s hubby is in demand overseas. And Paris seems to be over the moon with his style and creativity.

On the surface, Kim and Kanye appear to be still fond of one another, despite the recent buzz about a possible split. And by all accounts, their focus is on being good parents to North West. That said, is Kimye courting divorce? The short answer is simply this: In Hollywood, anything is possible.

[Image via: Getty Images via Huffington Post, Tumblr]