Emma Watson And Matthew Janney Call It Quits, Is She Ready For Harry Styles?

Emma Watson is back on the market. The Bling Ring star has split from Oxford University student Matthew Janney. The pair almost made it to a year. The first time they were spotted was while on vacation in the Caribbean, but after that, the couple stayed very private.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair decided to end their relationship amicably. It’s said the couple parted ways about a month ago, but are still on friendly turns. Although reports had once said the paired lived together, that was a pesky rumored that turned out to be false.

As expected, the pair couldn’t get their schedules to line up, and were often separated. While Emma Watson was busy filming, her boyfriend had studying obligations.

The last time the pair were spotted was in the spring.

The actress rarely speaks about her private life, but did have a few things to say back in 2012. During an interview with Glamour magazine, the actress said it all came down to “quality control.”

Taking a page out of the book Perks of Being A Wallflower, she said, “I wish someone had told me at 15, ‘You accept the love you think you deserve.’ I would have approached my relationships completely differently if they had.”

Watson continued, “I like this idea of quality control: that we don’t have to accept just anyone into our lives.”

Back then, she hinted that she hasn’t had a perfect track record with love.

“People talk about love as though it just happens to you – as though you can make good choices and bad. But women have a natural tendency to want to nurture and take care of men.

“You always think that the guy is going to end up coming around and that you’re going to be the one that saves him – like the Oasis song. Actually, I don’t think that you can change other people, but women always hope for the best.”

News of Watson’s breakup comes just days after she was spotted looking pretty chummy with One Direction’s Harry Styles at the British Fashion Awards.

Perhaps now this item will actually happen?

[Image via Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com]