Beverly Johnson On Bill Cosby: ‘He Stood There Looking At Me Like I Was Crazy… I Wouldn’t Touch That Money’ [Videos]

Beverly Johnson added her name to the growing list of women who say comedian Bill Cosby drugged them, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Johnson penned the Vanity Fair article titled “Bill Cosby Drugged Me. This Is My Story by Beverly Johnson.”

Now Beverly has told her version of events to CNN in the below videos, wherein Johnson described the shame she felt in coming out and telling her story to the media. In the videos, Beverly describes that it was right after her divorce from Danny Sims, a man the Independent calls an “impresario with Mob connections who managed Bob Marley early in his career,” when Johnson ran into Cosby, another “formidable enemy.”

“I had just finished an ugly divorce with a powerful man and I knew what it was like to go up against a powerful man and it didn’t fare well for me. I knew that it was someone that was a formidable enemy.”

The other women who came out and told their stories inspired Beverly to tell her experiences with Cosby, said Johnson, who told CNN she would just look at the television and think how brave the women were. This includes Janice Dickinson — a woman Beverly Johnson has known for 30 years — one Johnson says is not a liar.

“There’s no filter there. If anything, you’re getting the uncensored truth.”

Beverly said the Cosby accusers were vilified, and Johnson didn’t like the way the ones who have the courage to speak the truth are re-victimized all over again.

“This to me is not about Bill Cosby, this is about violence against women. One out of every five women are victimized in their lives, and they don’t say anything.”

About her specific day with Cosby, Beverly said the part Johnson was auditioning for was for a pregnant woman. Although Beverly told Cosby she really didn’t want to drink any coffee because it would keep Johnson up late at night, Cosby kept insisting it would be the best cappuccino Johnson ever tasted.

Beverly relented and took one sip, and said she felt something very strange going on in her head.

“The first sensation was a little woozy, and then I took another sip and after that second sip, I knew I had been drugged. The room started to spin; my speech was slurred. I remember him calling me over towards him as if we were going to begin the scene then. I remember placing my hand on my hip and my hand on his shoulder to steady myself.”

That’s when Beverly said she repeatedly asked him the question, “You’re an MF aren’t you?”

Johnson says she immediately went into survival mode, and though Beverly says she doesn’t swear — the only word Beverly could get out was the same curse word over and over again, which seemed to stun Cosby.

“For a moment he stood there, looking like I was crazy. I didn’t know where he was taking me. I remember him taking one arm and flailing for a taxi with the other arm. The taxi stops, he opens the door and throws me in there and I somehow get my address out to the taxi cab driver.”

As reported by People, Beverly Johnson said that Bill Cosby gave her a combination of drugs that were unknown to her to this day, and though Cosby may have taken her power on the day Johnson alleges Cosby drugged her, now Beverly says she has gotten her power back by telling her story. As far as recompense, Beverly Johnson told People she doesn’t want Cosby’s money and wouldn’t touch it.

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Beverly Johnson says Bill Cosby’s reputation was a secret in Hollywood for decades.

[Image credit of Beverly Johnson and Bill Cosby: The Wrap]