Michiganders Repulsed By Rep. Olumba's 'Bigoted' Farewell Speech Attacking Transgender, Special Needs, Asian, And Chaldean Communities [Video]

Some Michiganders were outraged after hearing Representative John Olumba's farewell speech. Parts of the speech are being called "bigoted" and "repulsive," according to WXYZ News in Detroit.

"Asians and Chaldeans should have a black misery appreciation day, selling fake hair and looseys to people just looking for fresh air and making a fortune doing it," Olumba said during his farewell speech.

"To me seeing a guy dressed up like a girl is really funny or sad, but don't make the mistake of comparing his struggle to MLK or my wife's father or grandfather being sprayed with a hose or bitten by dogs or millions of people losing their lives to forced bondage or servitude," Olumba also proclaimed during the speech.

Twitter and other social media platforms exploded with outrage and disbelief after hearing Olumba's farewell words. Much of the speech also involved prayers, in addition to the minimization of the struggles of many minority groups, as he compared the challenges of some groups with those from the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement.

Deadline Detroit featured a scathing editorial of Olumba's farewell speech.

"Rep. John Olumba's 4,930-word, 29-minute, rambling, delusional, insult-laden farewell speech Wednesday on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives was a low point for the institution, and it's a damn shame House leadership allowed Mr. Olumba to go on and on and on," the opinion piece began.

The Deadline Detroit pieced concluded with the reminder that Representative Olumba's attendance record is one of the worst in Michigan lawmaker history.

Watch the 29-minute speech for yourself. Tell us your opinions in the comments area below. What did you think of John Olumba's farewell speech?