Is Joe Giudice Of ‘RHONJ’ Planning To Secretly File For Divorce From Teresa?

Could Joe Giudice be considering divorcing his Real Housewives of New Jersey star wife, Teresa Giudice? According to a new report, “Juicy Joe,” as he’s often referred to, is planning to divorce his wife while she’s behind bars.

“Joe has finally had enough of his wife’s diva demands. Not only has he already hired an attorney, the source claimed, he’s planning to file for divorce from the mother of four — once she begins her prison sentence in January,” Radar Online reported on December 12.

In October, as reported by the Inquisitr, nearly a year-and-a-half after their indictment on charges of fraud, Teresa and Joe Giudice received prison time. After pleading guilty to several charges in March of this year, the reality star and mother of four was ordered to a 15-month sentence. Her husband received more time, and will begin a 41-month sentence when her term is complete.

Although the news of the divorce would certainly come as a shock to most, Radar Online’s source claims Teresa hardly acknowledged the news.

“She simply shrugged it off!” the source said. “She is absolutely living in denial about going to prison, so Teresa doesn’t think Joe would ever leave her, or file for divorce.”

“Joe always felt pressure from Teresa to have the biggest house, best clothes, and luxurious vacations,” the source continued. “While Joe does take responsibility for his role in the bankruptcy fraud case, it was all done under the pressure he felt from Teresa.”

Since 2012, rumors have circulated, claiming Joe Giudice may have been unfaithful. As the Inquisitr reported last month, even Teresa’s co-star heard about his alleged tryst, or trysts, which include meeting a mystery woman at a TGI Fridays, a reported rendezvous with another woman at the Legends Diner, and allegations of cheating with the couple’s nanny, Nicole Cemelli.

Despite his alleged infidelities, Teresa and Joe Giudice remained committed to their marriage and their four children — at least until now. Either way, the source claims if the two do part ways, it shouldn’t be too messy.

The divorce should be “very straightforward as there are no financial assets to split up,” the source said. “They owe more than $13.5 million to creditors, and there is just no money coming in.”

As for child support, the source claimed, “Joe will take care of the kids financially, but Teresa will be on her own.”

Joe Giudice’s wife is scheduled to begin her 15-month sentence on January 5.

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