‘Progressive Christmas Carols’ — Jon Cozart Changes Lyrics To Make Christmas Songs More Liberal

Progressive Christmas Carols were just released by Jon Cozart. The YouTube star created politically focused versions of some of the most popular and beloved Christmas songs of all time. In Cozart’s liberal songs videos, he jokes about Jesus supporting the NRA and features Santa Claus making a list of gluten-free foods.

Jon Cozart’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in the Progressive Christmas Carols video, the YouTube star sings, “Progressive Santa’s coming to town. He’s 50 different races, and all for tax reform. He’ll protect all your children – well as long as they’ve been born.”

The Progressive Christmas Carols video is already garnering backlash and going viral. In the liberal version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” Jon Cozart bellows, “Don’t walk the streets of Whoville. You might fight a cop the Whos will not indict.”

Cozart has not elaborated on his motives for altering classic Christmas songs and making the Progressive Christmas Carols video and posting it on YouTube. In 2013, Cozart reportedly described himself as a former Ron Paul supporter who was no “middle of the road” on the political spectrum.

“I don’t like Sarah Palin the politician, but I do love her as a person. She’s fascinating,” the YouTube viral video star told the Daily Beast. “I was a big supporter of Ron Paul during the Republican nomination process, but after the way the Republicans treated him I’ve grown apathetic to politics. I’m more in the middle now that I’ve ever been before.”

The Progressive Christmas Carols creator is an Austin, Texas, native and film student. He has been making musical parody videos for at least seven year on his YouTube channel – Paint. The domain name was a gift to Jon Cozart by his brother once he “started getting better at creating content.”

When asked about his After Ever After viral video about Disney princesses Cozart said, “I was having a Disney movie marathon and I wanted to have an excuse to sing some Disney songs, so I figured I could parody the princesses and put them in our world.”

When asked to detail the process which goes into making viral videos, the Progressive Christmas Carols creator said, “I record the song separately. It took me about a month to finish. The video took one day to film because I just break up the audio parts on my computer and lip sync it. Editing took one day as well. Writing and recording the song is the hard part. The average video, from the initial idea to release, takes about three months.”

What do you think about the Progressive Christmas Carols viral video?

[Image via: Screengrab/Huffington Post]