No Duggar Drama: Duggar Family Is Not Shunning Anna’s Sister Susanna Keller For Having Child Out Of Wedlock

It seems that the Duggar family can’t catch a break lately in the world of gossip. First, the newlywed Duggar daughters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, were supposedly in the middle of a Twitter war. However, the rumors were quickly squashed when the pair posted photos of a lovely dinner together prior to the annual Duggar Christmas Recital. Now numerous media outlets are claiming that the Duggar family is shunning Anna’s sister, Susanna Keller, for having a baby out of wedlock.

According to Radar Online, “the squeaky-clean reality family has turned their back on 22-year-old Susanna Keller, the once beloved younger sister of Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna.” The report claims that since the “wild” Keller had a child out of wedlock in 2013, the family has shunned both Susanna and her daughter, Noelle. Radar Online reports the family shunned Keller after she chose not to marry her daughter’s father.

However, it appears there is no merit to this report, and the family is not shunning Susanna or her daughter. In fact, the Duggar family recently posted photos of the Duggar family spending some time with the Kellers, including Susanna’s daughter. In a post to the Duggar Family Blog, the D.C. Duggars, Josh and Anna Duggar, can be seen spending some time with Anna’s family.

“Josh and Anna Duggar and their three (soon to be four) kids recently spent time with Anna’s family, the Kellers. Everyone, including the adults, dressed up in costumes and put on a Christmas play.”

In the photo, you can see Noelle spending some quality time with her aunt and uncle. Therefore, it appears the “shunning” claims are completely false.

Keller-Duggar Family Christmas Play
Noelle Keller can be seen in the yellow pants sitting on the bale of hay in the left of the photo.
Noelle Keller
Mackynzie Duggar and cousin Noelle dressed as angels for the Christmas play.

There is no reason to believe the Duggar family is shunning Noelle or Susanna Keller, and if they are not speaking to Susanna, it is most likely due to the pregnancy or child. In fact, Jim Bob Duggar’s own sister had a child out of wedlock, Amy Duggar. Cousin Amy was born when her mother was not married. However, the Duggar family has openly embraced Amy Duggar, and include her in many family vacations and in their hit reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

It is widely known that Amy Duggar was born out-of-wedlock, but that hasn’t stopped the Duggars from featuring Amy Duggar on numerous shows. Amy can be seen frequently at the Duggar compound, and is essentially part of their big family. Therefore, it is hard to imagine the family shunning anyone based on the fact they were born out of wedlock. It seems quite the opposite, though the Duggars may not agree with sex outside of marriage. However, they have said numerous times that every child is a “gift from God,” and they seem to feel that way regardless of the marital situation of the child’s parents.

What do you think of all the Duggar controversy?