Boy Finds Urn In Teddy Bear, Family Asking For Help To Find Original Owner

Joshua Scott found an urn in a teddy bear he bought at the Second Chance Thrift Shop in Dothan, Alabama. The 15-year-old did not make the shocking discovery until he took the teddy bear home and felt something hard inside the stuffed animal.

When Joshua Scott opened a small zipper on the back of the teddy bear, he found a small urn. Scott’s family is now desperately searching for the original owner of the thrift shop teddy bear.

“A child could be missing a bear, it could be a parent. I mean it could be one of our soldiers. We don’t know,” the Alabama teenager’s mother, Samantha Scott, said during an interview with local WSFA-TV News. “And it could be the one thing that child has to hg and love up to that’s still a part of them. It could be a parent who’s lost their child. Who knows what? So, it’s just important that we find the owner.”

The mother of the boy who found the urn inside the teddy bear contacted the local funeral home during the search for the bear’s original owner. The Scott family had not yet found any leads in their quest. The Second Chance Thrift Shop manager told the family that up to 10 vehicles drop off donations each day, and no records are kept regarding the owners of the items.

The Alabama teenager paid no more than $5 for the teddy bear after it caught the attention of his little sisters. Although there is little information for the Scott family to go on in their search for the owner of the urn teddy bear, they are not deterred. The bear was purchased at the Dothan thrift store about one month ago. The boy finding an urn in a teddy bear story has gone viral, and the family hopes all of the publicity will lead to the discovery of the rightful owner of the little brown stuffed animal.

What do you think about the boy finding the urn in the teddy bear? Do you think the rightful owner will ever be found?

[Image via: WSAF-TV News]