Katy Perry Spoofs Pippa Middleton, Christina Aguilera on SNL

Katy Perry was at the helm for Saturday Night Live on, er, Saturday night, spoofing a range of fellow celebs and herself.

Pippa Middleton and Christina Aguilera were both targets of Perry’s gentle jibes, but the show opened with Perry ribbing herself … and in particular her unconventional wardrobe choices in her music videos.

The pop star revealed her outrageous outfits were borrowed from real people she grew up with. Cue Kristen Wiig arriving on stage as ‘Janet,’ Perry’s former neighbor, wearing a blue wig and frosting guns, as famously sported by Perry the ‘California Gurls’ video. Then Andy Samberg emerged as Kathy Beth Terry, Perry’s alter-ago in ‘Last Friday Night‘ who she used to babysit. You probably had to be there.

Better (I thought) was Perry spoofing herself on ‘Kalle,’ a mock Finnish talk show with a deliciously psychotic host armed with a clip for every anecdote, statement and syllable uttered by Perry. The humor was knowing and occasionally a little dark – not bad.

I was less crazy about Perry’s impersonation of Christina Aguilera’s singing in mock movie ‘The Apocalypse,’ but her portrayal of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, was pretty good, with an overly protective Pippa defending her sister Kate against a raunchy Queen and Prince Philip. Andy Samberg pulls off the Prince William look a little too well …

Other celebrities turned up for the show, including Alec Baldwin (who poked fun himself about his recent airline troubles – see HERE for the video), Matt Damon (yes, that’s him above) and Val Kilmer.