Honda Acura Division to Reveal New NSX Supercar

The Acura division at car manufacturer Honda is set to unveil a revised version of its former NSX supercar, a high-tech model that will be small and eco-friendly.

‘Small’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are not two words you’d use to describe the monstrous V10-powered Acura Advance Sports Car Concept (pictured above looking silver and mean) that appeared at major auto shows in 2007.

Cars to emerge from under Honda’s Acura division, the company’s luxury motors arm, have not always sold that well.

Honda bigwigs hope to change this, by giving Acura cars more of an identity. That’s not empty corporate speak, however: in the past, Acuras have been models adapted from existing Hondas sold in Europe or other markets. When the new NSX rolls out at the Detroit Auto Show in January, it will be its own design. And part of this will involve placing greater importance on affordability and sustainability, rather than features and horsepower alone. Jeff Conrad, Honda sales VP, says:

“That doesn’t mean we won’t create high-performance vehicles, but the way we do it will be unique to Acura.”

So what can we expect from the new NSX? A mid-engine two-seater, it’ll be a V6 gas-electric hybrid with multiple electric motors to improve the all-wheel-drive system. Said motors will be independently controlled by the car’s computer.

The revised NSX will succeed the $90,000 NSX original that was manufactured from 1990 to 2005, a 175-miles-per-hour beast. This new NSX is performing quite the U-turn in many aspects of its design – but can it keep the fans happy?