United Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Engine Failure

A United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday after the Boeing 757 loss access to one of it’s two engines. The plan which was traveling from Denver to Los Angeles was forced to land in Grand Junction Regional Airport, a small aircraft landing spot.

After landing the plans 125 passengers and its crew had to wait while the airport found stairs high enough to reach the plans exit door.

Landing safely at 11:44 a.m. no injuries were reported and the nature of the problem is still being investigated.

Speaking to the Denver Post deputy director at Grand Junction airport Amy Jordan revealed that “the engine had problems shortly after takeoff.”

In another report passengers say the pilot made an announcement over the public address speaker which stated that the engine on the Boeing 747 lost oil volume and was forced off.

In the meantime another plane was being sent to the airport from Denver at which point passengers stuck in Grand Junction would be taken to their final Los Angeles destination.

Are you impressed with the ability of United and other airline pilots to land large jetliners these days with just one functional engine?

[Image via Flashon Studio / Shutterstock.com]