Lindsay Lohan Gets Purse Back, $10,000 Still Missing

On Saturday night a $5,000 Chanel purse belonging to Lindsay Lohan was stolen from a house party in Hawaii and now sources close to Lohan say the purse has been returned, albeit lighter than it was before.

Aside from carrying her passport and probation documents (both required to be on her person), the purse was missing $10,000 in cold hard cash, apparently Lohan has never heard of travelers checks or credit cards.

Lohan and various party guests spent a good part of the night looking for her purse before starting again during the daytime hours.

According to sources one of Lohan’s friends witnessed a “suspicious-looking” local and when asked about the bag they said they didn’t know anything but then showed up with the purse moments later, claiming to have found it on the street.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was so happy to have her purse back and other documents that she didn’t even worry about the money.

Lohan recently received $700,000 for her cover and spread in Playboy Magazine.

Do you think it’s time for Lindsay Lohan to stop her partying ways? It could literally save her thousands of dollars in cold hard cash.