Emily On ‘The Big Bang Theory’: What Surprised Laura Spencer About Her Role As Raj’s Girlfriend

The Big Bang Theory has evolved from being a show about four scientists and their one female neighbor to a show where all four male leads are in serious relationships. The last of the bunch to take the plunge was Raj, who overcame an anxious shyness around women. This season, his commitment to Emily, played by Laura Spencer, has evened out the group dynamic on the show.

Spencer told TV Guide this week that she had one big shock when she signed on to The Big Bang Theory: that her character would not get along with all of the gang. When Emily was introduced as Raj’s girlfriend, she had immediate tension with Penny, given that Penny and Raj had a brief romantic moment awhile back.

“The Penny drama, that whole story line surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s also exciting for me to play this whole different dynamic with Kaley [Cuoco]. I think you get to know Emily more through that too — the fact that this thing bothered her. I hope they can put it all behind them. That’ll be fun to have all four girls interacting together. They can all eat takeout!”

Entertainment Weekly summarized the tension between Emily and Penny as a result of different interpretations of what constitutes a “hook up.” In its recap of the Big Bang Theory episode “The Hook-up Reverberation,” Dalene Rovenstine explains that while Penny doesn’t consider their tryst — where she and Raj kissed and ended up in bed together — of any consequence, Emily does.

As for why Emily and Raj make a good match, Spencer points to their respective personality traits. Raj is a nerdy scientist, and Emily is interested in horror films and tattoos. She also brings out a different side of Raj compared to the other women he has dated.

“They’re different. I think that’s why they work. She’s a creepy weirdo!… The fact that Raj can even speak to another woman without the influence of drinking was a major turning point for him, and I think now you see him finally embracing that, and with a person who makes him laugh and is outgoing.”

Spencer seemed to laugh at her own description of the Emily character by sending out this tweet in response to the TV Guide article.

TV Guide revealed that The Big Bang Theory will focus on other plotlines besides Emily and Raj for a little while, but Spencer will be back on the program early next year. In addition to her work on Big Bang, Spencer has a recurring role on Bones.

The Big Bang Theory is currently in its eighth season on CBS.

[Image: Big Bang Theory Wiki/CBS]