November 18, 2016
Duchess Kate Eye Roll: Duchess Kate Rolls Eyes In New York -- And It's Everything

Duchess Kate has a great eye roll -- and she wasn't afraid to use it during a visit to the Northside Center for Child Development earlier this week. Kate Middleton was wrapping presents for disadvantaged children when someone told her to "keep wrapping." Joking or not, Kate turned back to her task, and rolled her eyes -- and now everyone is talking about it. According to Marie Claire, the Duchess Of Cambridge's eye roll was caught on video for all to see. According to MSN, the footage of Kate rolling her eyes was made into a Vine, and that has already gone viral.

Many people seem to love Middleton's expressions (remember the ones at Wimbledon?), especially because the public is used to seeing her perfect and poised all the time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the children at the Northside Center were really thinking that Princess Elsa of Arendale (from Disney's Frozen) was visiting them, even if Kate isn't blonde and doesn't make ice castles with her hands. The kids understood the term "princess," and adapted as best as they could. At one point in the video above, Kate can be heard asking a little girl if she liked the movie Frozen.

"They thought she was the Princess from Frozen. When they heard she was coming they thought it was Elsa -- we said a Princess and they got a Princess. The visit meant everything to the children, they were thrilled and it acknowledges all the hard work of the staff."
Duchess Kate didn't eye roll at the children, however, as she really loves to be around kids and interact with them. Since marrying Prince William, Kate has spent a lot of time working with kids and visiting children who are less fortunate. According to Look To The Stars, Kate supports a total of twelve charities, and many of them involve children.

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child. She and Prince William will welcome the newest member of the royal family in April, just in time for their third wedding anniversary. The palace has not made any official announcement in regard to the sex of the child, but many people have already taken their best guesses. Of course, royal baby names have been circulating as well, and the most popular ones are Elizabeth, Diana, Victoria, James, Arthur, and Charles, according to Mirror UK.

Do you think Kate and William will have a boy or a girl?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]