Alistair Overeem On Brock Lesnar UFC Return Rumors: ‘He’s Not Coming Back, Because He’ll Get His A** Kicked’

Back in February, UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem called out Brock Lesnar, saying that if Lesnar is really coming back to the UFC, he’ll be there waiting for him. Overeem calling out Lesnar was a bit strange because Overeem had already dismantled Lesnar in what turned out to be Lesnar’s final fight in the UFC.

After Overeem called Lesnar out, he appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and explained his reasoning for the Lesnar call-out.

“I believe I read somewhere that [Lesnar] wanted to come back, and that he believed he didn’t win the fight because of his health conditions, and that it would have been different if he was healthy. He was talking about maybe a comeback, and I thought he wanted to fight me because of his last fight, maybe a rematch. With Brock, you have to take it with a grain of salt.”

This coming Saturday night, Alistair Overeem is set to take on Stefan Struve, and in a pre-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Overeem was asked about Brock Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC some time next year. Overeem addressed the Lesnar UFC return rumors by saying the following.

“I don’t think Brock Lesnar is coming back for a number of reasons. One of them is that he’ll get his a** kicked, and he doesn’t like that. So I think he’s going to stay right where he is, in WWE.”

It seems like there’s a new story on Brock Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC every other day, and while Overeem thinks it’s highly unlikely, the UFC is probably the most likely destination for Lesnar after his WWE contract expires in the spring, as the UFC will probably offer him the most money out of all Lesnar’s suitors.

Lesnar has four options when his WWE contract expires. Either he can stay with WWE, return to the UFC, sign with Bellator MMA, or retire. Retirement probably isn’t an option for Lesnar at this point as he can still make a lot of money in WWE or MMA. UFC president Dana White believes that there’s no way that Lesnar will sign with Bellator because “Brock wants to fight the best,” so, that leaves UFC and WWE as Lesnar’s two options. There are rumors that WWE is unhappy with Lesnar’s contract and feel that they overpaid to get him, and it’s unlikely that Lesnar will take a pay cut. So, in the end, the UFC could offer Lesnar the best deal, and Lesnar will likely end up in the UFC at some point next year.

If Alistair Overeem is able to get past Stefan Struve this weekend, Overeem could be Lesnar’s first opponent in his UFC return. If Overeem loses, then he’ll likely be cut from the UFC roster due to his disappointing UFC record.

[Image via MMA Weekly]