One Direction Confirms A Fifth Album And Fans Rejoice

One Direction

One Direction fans rejoice! The boys have announced that they will be releasing a fifth album!

There have been rumors galore that have said that boy band One Direction was going to call it quits following the release of their newest album, Four. Those rumors have only been built up as more rumors that state that band member Zayn Malik wants out of the lime light have begun to spread. Well One Direction fans, if you haven’t heard yet, the boys have announced that they are planning a fifth album!

According to NME News, while speaking at the BBC Music Awards in London earlier this evening, December 11, Niall Horan confirmed a fifth album, and Liam Payne very cryptically confirmed the possibility of a fifth.

“‘Yes, there will be,’ said Niall Horan, when asked if there would be another LP from the group, despite the fact that bandmate Liam Payne had just mysteriously commented: ‘We’re just so happy that this album (Four) has gone really well for us and it’s kind of given us somewhere else to go with music now, if we do happen to do another one…’ reported NME News.”

Now for those of you who are still a little skeptical of this news, Hollywood Life has reported that the boys of One Direction have confirmed a fifth album via an interview that appeared on Instagram.

Now that the boys have confirmed a fifth album, fans have taken to social media to express their excitement.

So despite all the rumors, it looks like the boys of One Direction are doing just fine and staying as busy as ever!

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