Heisman Trophy Goes To Baylor’s Robert Griffin III

Baylor has their first Heisman Trophy winner thanks to Robert Griffin III. Known as RG3 the schools star quarterback surprised many analysts this season when he outplayed preseason favorite Andrew Luck of Stanford University.

Before his name was called the junior quarterback took a deep breath before breaking out in a smile and hugging his coaches, parents, sister and fiancé.

Taking to the stage RG3 joked about wearing his lucky Superman socks that actually had capes on the back and then jumped into his acceptance speech.

“This is unbelievably believable,” he said. “It’s unbelievable because in the moment we’re all amazed when great things happen. But it’s believable because great things don’t happen without hard work.”

With his win Griffin not only became the first player in Baylor’s48 year football history to win college footballs most prized trophy, he is the only player to finish better than 4th in voting, winning 405 first-place votes for a total of 1,687 points.

Griffin appeared to be a lock for the Heisman Trophy before voting even began, among his season highlights were 3,998 yards, 36 touchdown passes and a 72 percent completion rate with a 192.3 efficiency rating.

Luck finished in second place with 247 first-place votes with 1,407 points. Luck becomes the fourth player to be the Heisman runner-up in consecutive seasons.

After Robert Griffin’s win Andrew Luck was one of the first people to congratulate his fellow competitor:

“It was so well-deserved by Robert Griffin,” he said.”It was very hard to be upset.”

In third place was Alabama running back Trent Richardson who finished with 138 first-place votes and 978 points.

Rounding out the top five were Wisconsin running back MonteeBall with 348 points and LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu with 327 points.

With a penchant for superhero’s and cartoon characters how can you not like a guy who can play a mean game of football and later sport a pair of his favorite SpongeBob Square Pants socks.

Do you think Robert Griffin III deserved to win the Heisman Trophy?