October 28, 2020
Busy Philipps, 41, Goes Topless From Her Trailer To Remind Fans To Vote

Busy Philipps became the latest celeb to go scantily clad to encourage participation in the 2020 presidential election. The actress shared a racy new snap to her Instagram account just moments ago to remind her 2.1 million followers to "vote like your lives depend on it."

The close-up image appeared to have been taken during the filming of Busy's upcoming comedy series Girls5eva, as she noted in the caption of the post that she was in her trailer when she snapped the sizzling photo. She looked to have already gone through the full hair-and-makeup routine, as she rocked heavy eye makeup and had extensions clipped into her platinum blond hair, but had not yet hit up the wardrobe department when she found the perfect opportunity to pose for the steamy selfie.

Rather than throwing on some cozy clothes for the shot, the 41-year-old opted to go completely nude, leaving her topless chest covered by nothing more than her temporarily long tresses. The locks were styled in long, voluminous waves that fell in a strategic manner to cover up her bare bust, ensuring that the post would not violate any of the social media platform's strict nudity guidelines. However, an ample amount of cleavage was still very much within eyesight, giving the shot a seductive vibe.

The Freaks and Geeks star kept her piercing blue eyes on the camera in front of her, gazing at it with an intense and alluring stare. The lens was focused on her face, which was partially covered by a black face mask with the word "vote" written on it in bold white lettering. A blur effect fell over the background of the shot, as well as the rest of her unclothed body, though it was still possible to make out her flat midsection and toned arms.

Busy's intentions certainly proved to be powerful, as her post quickly attracted attention from her massive online audience. It has racked up nearly 16,000 likes within just 40 minutes of going live, as well as dozens of comments.

"You're beautiful and I voted today," one person wrote.

"I voted so hard your top flew off," joked another fan.

"Hey, when the lighting is great and the message this important and you are awesome, might as well seize the moment!" a third follower remarked.

"I had to do a double-take. Nicely done," added a fourth admirer.

Busy isn't the only famous face stripping down to encourage people to vote. Model Ashley Graham provided a reminder earlier this month along with a sexy Polaroid photo in which she exposed her chest in an open leather top. Lady Gaga also participated in the trend on Monday, when she shared a video to her own Instagram page showing herself going pantsless as she dropped off her mail-in ballot.