Ex-Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Breaks Pelvis In Fall At Home

Ex-Penn State Nittany Lions Football Coach Joe “Joepa” Paterno has re-broken his pelvis after a fall in his home today. The legendary coach had previously been hospitalized earlier this year after initially breaking his pelvis when he was blindsided by a player during the Nitanny Lions Preseason. Paterno was diagnosed with a mild form of Lung Cancer, a week after he was fired from his job at the University. “It was determined Paterno should remain in the hospital now to facilitate his regimen of cancer treatments while recovering from the pelvis injury” ESPN reported.

Paterno was fired from his job as the head coach of the Nittany Lions last month amid revelations that one of his long time assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky, had been involved in a child sex-abuse scandal at the college. Sandusky has stated publicly that he never discussed the scandal, or any of the charges with Paterno.

Paterno, who turned 84 years old this year, holds the record for the most victories of any NCAA Division I football coach with 409 and is the only coach to reach 400 victories. He coached five undefeated teams that won major bowl games and less than five years ago he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Paterno has not spoken publicly at all about the scandal or his firing from the university. It is alleged that Paterno had knowledge prior to the charges being known to prosecutors that Sandusky had abused several children at the university and had never confronted his assistant coach about it. Paterno is not being charged with any criminal activity in relation to the sex abuse scandal.

Do you think Paterno will be remembered for his coaching legacy or the scandal?