Ali And Aleeah Simms Custody Battle: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Leah Calvert & Corey Simms Reach Resolution

Ali and Aleeah Simms’ custody has been decided. After a months-long battle between Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Calvert and Corey Simms, the custody battle involving their 4-year-old twins has come to an end with both parties reportedly happy with the outcome.

“The Teen Mom 2 star, 22, and her ex-husband Corey Simms, 25, will abide by a shared parenting plan for their 4-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah,” Radar Online reported on December 11. “The former couple had a ‘very amicable’ hearing in West Virginia’s Kanawha County Court on December 8, Simms’ lawyer Rusty Webb of The Webb Law Centre in Charleston tells Radar.”

Although Ali and Aleeah Simms’ custody had been established early on in their life, following Simms and Calvert’s divorce, Simms and his wife, Miranda, filed for primary custody of the twins earlier this year after reportedly growing concerned over Calvert’s ability to parent the girls and get Ali to her frequent doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions.

During court, a judge decided Calvert and Simms, who the Inquisitr reported has been speaking secretly to Calvert’s estranged husband Jeremy, would split Ali and Aleeah Simms’ custody, with Calvert having the girls four nights a week and the Simms having them for three evenings. In the past, Simms has had the girls on weekends. The judge also ordered both parties to be active in Ali’s treatment.

“There will be a shared responsibility to get her to and from appointments,” Webb told Radar. “Both parents will be present for her therapy visits.”

Ali is currently suffering from muscular dystrophy, which will ultimately restrict her to a wheel chair. In the meantime, her parents are required to have her attend therapy sessions in hopes of strengthening her muscles.

“They’re both very happy with the situation,” Webb said. “Everybody is getting along.”

Last month, after Calvert temporarily quit Teen Mom 2, the Inquisitir reported she did so because of her ongoing custody battle with Simms.

“Leah’s final court date is coming up, and her behavior on the show made her look really bad to the judge,” a source told Radar Online on November 21. “Leah’s daughters are her number one priority. Now that the show could lead her to lose custody, she’s ready to leave her reality TV life behind.”

Oddly, news of Calvert’s alleged return to the show happened around the time her custody battle ended.

The recent update to Ali and Aleeah Simms’ custody will likely begin immediately.

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