WWE: Sting Vs. Triple H At WrestleMania 31 Is ‘Epic,’ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Drops Out?

When it comes to the big event of the year for the WWE, Sting Vs. Triple H would be “epic” according to the former head of The Authority. Meanwhile, it’s believed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have dropped out of his WrestleMania 31 plans entirely.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Sting’s WWE contract only specifies six matches so it’s possible the Sting Vs. Triple H match would be moved up to Royal Rumble 2015. This would make WWE fans happy since it would greatly increased the chances that we would see The Undertaker Vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31, although it’s believed Mark Calaway has not agreed to any match with any other wrestler yet. Regardless, it’s believed The Undertaker will be used in some capacity at WrestleMania 31 since he has already signed a seven-figure contract.

But the WWE Universe may be in for a shock since it’s claimed that management is considering doing a Bray Wyatt Vs. The Undertaker match. Many in the WWE Universe believe this idea does not make any sense, and it’s hoped Sting’s WWE match schedule will include The Undertaker, never mind a Brock Lesnar rematch.

Unfortunately, it seems the fates determined by WWE Creative may not be kind to us. According to Wrestling Inc., the writing on the wall seems to indicate that the most fans can hope for is that Sting will have a full match with Triple H after their brief confrontation on Surviver Series.

“There was some talk of doing The Rock vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31 in October when Rock returned to WWE TV for the Rusev segment on RAW and then the Triple H segment on SmackDown. However, WWE is now going with the idea of Triple H vs. Sting at the biggest show of the year because of the belief that The Rock won’t be working WrestleMania.”

The potential for this match already has Triple H himself chiming in on Twitter about how he would do in their quasi-rematch.

Of course, not everyone agrees the potential match will be epic. According to Jim Ross, the concept will be so old that finishing off a career on that note may be a lousy way to go out.

“If Sting wrestles HHH at WM31 I think that they would have an excellent match that would be well paced an tell a clearly understandable story that would be easy to follow. Nonetheless, this matter will likely be over analyzed and worn out by the time the big event gets here.”

So why has The Rock dropped out? Dwayne Johnson is now busy with his Hollywood career, and since he has several movies scheduled to film in 2015 it’s claimed he can’t find the time to make it to WrestleMania 31 even though Roman Reigns said he’d love to face off his cousin. It was also once rumored that Vince McMahon actually wanted The Rock Vs. Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania 31, but Triple H convinced Vince to go with pushing Reigns to stardom instead of rehashing Rock Vs. Brock.

Unfortunately, the real reason The Rock may not work WrestleMania any more is due to Dwayne Johnson’s injuries. The Rock suffered injuries in his first and second matches with John Cena, the second requiring surgery and holding up the filming of Hercules. It’s possible Hollywood is putting pressure on their star to abstain from any major wrestling match fore the foreseeable future since they do not want to risk an injury again.

Do you think Sting Vs. Triple H is good enough for WrestleMania 31?