Prince George Wears Cavaliers Jersey In Picture LeBron James Photoshopped

In an Instagram photo posted by LeBron James, Prince George is wearing the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey that the NBA star gave Prince William and Kate Middleton Monday night. The image looks authentic — but it’s not entirely legit. James photoshopped the picture and shared it with fans on Instagram, adding a funny caption with it.

“My lil guy Prince George was excited about our win last night as well so he wanted to run around this am. Lol. #Royalty #StriveForGreatness #TheLand”

A lot of users commenting weren’t sure it was the real thing until some explained that it’s a photo taken of George earlier this year. It appears to be one of the pictures that was snapped when the young prince was at his dad’s polo match on Father’s Day. Kate was seen running after him a lot of the time as he kept walking off, interested in his surroundings.

LeBron was in hot water for wrapping his arm around Duchess Kate’s shoulder for photos after the game at Barclay Center. While presenting William and Kate with two jerseys, he got a bit too close for comfort while posing with the royal couple. He was still sweaty after playing with the Cavaliers against the Brooklyn Nets. His move stunned a lot of people — especially the British — for touching Kate. Royal protocol dictates that no one touch the royals. The Inquisitr wrote on this incident when LeBron James was blasted by critics following the big no-no.

As Hollywood Life notes, William was educating Kate on basketball while they watched LeBron’s team play against the Nets. Several photos show them conversing with William pointing at various actions happening on the court. The duchess appeared interested in how the game is played.

Prince George stayed home while Prince William and Kate Middleton made their visit to the U.S. The royal couple stayed three days in New York City. William made his way to Washington, D.C., for a conference and to meet President Obama. Kate remained in NYC to meet with others and attend a luncheon.

LeBron James probably hopes to see some real photos of William and Kate’s son wearing the basketball jersey he gave them. The NBA player also gave them their own jersey that reads “Cambridge” on the back. Will the Duke of Cambridge humor James and have his picture taken with it on? It would make his day!

Do you think Prince George will wear the Cavaliers jersey LeBron James got him?

[Image via Instagram]