TMZ: Floyd Mayweather Tells Cops He Heard Earl Hayes Murder Stephanie Moseley Via FaceTime, Talked To Earl After Murder

Floyd Mayweather didn’t want to talk to TMZ, reported the Inquisitr, about what he saw and heard after Mayweather’s friend, Earl Hayes, murdered his wife Stephanie Moseley and then himself, but Mayweather was forced to talk to police about his experience.

During that two-hour talk with police, TMZ reported on Thursday that Floyd Mayweather told police that he heard Earl Hayes shoot and murder Stephanie Moseley via FaceTime, and even talked to Hayes after the murder, when Hayes returned to speak with Mayweather on FaceTime.

Mayweather claims he didn’t “rile up” Hayes to shoot and kill his wife, as TMZ reported earlier, but that Hayes called Floyd so early in the morning the day of the murders — at 7 a.m. — because Hayes was best friends with Mayweather and wanted to say goodbye.

Floyd Mayweather’s role as a FaceTime witness to the tragedy placed him on the list of folks the LAPD wanted to speak with to learn more about the tragedy, reported the New York Daily News.

Although LAPD Detective Scott Masterson told the New York Daily News on Tuesday any statements made by Mayweather would remain confidential, it didn’t stop TMZ from discovering what was said during the meeting with Floyd and the police. TMZ was the first to report that Mayweather was a witness to the tragedy via FaceTime, and now TMZ is the first to report that Mayweather heard Hayes as he “pumped multiple bullets into this wife, Stephanie Moseley” before returning from the bathroom to speak with Floyd one final time prior to killing himself.

According to TMZ, during that final FaceTime call with Hayes, Mayweather begged his best friend not to also kill himself after murdering his wife, but his requests fell on deaf ears. While no direct quotes from Mayweather were obtained by TMZ or the New York Daily News about the allegations — neither has Trey Songz commented on his involvement with Stephanie — the LAPD hasn’t shifted their position on the classification of the tragedy.

“If [Floyd Mayweather] was a witness over some type of call, we want to hear what he knows. But the bottom line is not changing. The evidence is pretty solid that this was a murder/suicide.”

Masterson said that blood evidence from the apartment below Hayes and Moseley’s apartment, could’ve indeed been due to overflowing bath water mixed with blood — and the TMZ article about Floyd’s police talks corroborates other reports that Stephanie was taking a bath when the murder occurred, where police say both bodies were discovered.

[Image credit of Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley: Instagram]