Amy Winehouse’s Dad Continues Plea for Help

Even though Amy’s dad Mitch had been quickly silenced by a spokesperson who said that “muddied the water” because he is “not a medical man,” he’s back to tell us how worried he is about her. Considering that Amy doesn’t seem to care much about her health (or innocent bystanders, for that matter), Mitch has to be doubly concerned for her:

My biggest fear is that she would die, but she won’t die of a drug overdose. It won’t be that quick. She would die, unfortunately, of emphysema. We would be talking about a very slow and painful death, gasping for air.

I would ask any people who would supply her with substances to think on that. … I want people to understand — even if they give her one cigarette, they’re causing her harm.

I do remember one incident where it would have been really bad to give Amy a cigarette, but that’s because you could’ve gotten hit by a car or something. On the whole, it’s better if Mitch stops pointing fingers– isn’t it all about admitting you have a problem & committing to recovery?