Floyd Mayweather TMZ Video: No Comment On Earl Hayes But Police Say Mayweather Didn’t Know Stephanie Moseley Was Home During The FaceTime Call

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to talk about the Earl Hayes murder-suicide tragedy involving Hayes’ wife, Stephanie Moseley – at least not to TMZ. As reported by the Inquisitr, Mayweather was some sort of a witness via a FaceTime call to the shooting tragedy, and as a result police have sought to collect electronic evidence from Floyd Mayweather about the deaths.

The above-embedded video of Floyd Mayweather by TMZ shows Floyd remaining mum on the Moseley-Hayes situation and every other question he is asked. TMZ reported that Mayweather “riled up” his friend Earl Hayes over allegations of Stephanie having at least one adulterous affair during their marriage, reportedly with Trey Songz, and acted as a catalyst, with Mayweather allegedly telling Hayes he should leave Stephanie. Floyd reportedly called Earl “weak” for not leaving his unfaithful wife, says TMZ.

Because of the Floyd Mayweather role as a potential witness to the tragedy, the LAPD is now in talks with Floyd, reports the New York Daily News, or at least the Los Angeles Police Department is trying to arrange a sit down talk with Mayweather to find out more information about the murders. The website also reports that Floyd didn’t know Stephanie was home during the FaceTime call, and Mayweather ultimately pleaded with Earl not to harm his wife.

“We’re in contact with Mr. [Floyd] Mayweather’s staff. The interview is probably going to happen, but we still don’t know when. Whatever [Floyd Mayweather] does say, it will be confidential.”

The New York Daily News says that LAPD Detective Scott Masterson told them on Tuesday that Mayweather’s lawyer agreed to an interview with Floyd and the police – one that would occur prior to Mayweather leaving town to return home to Las Vegas. No matter what role Floyd played in allegedly telling Earl to leave his wife and focus on his career instead, cops are adamant that the bottom line is that the tragedy will remain a murder/suicide ruling.

“If [Floyd Mayweather] was a witness over some type of call, we want to hear what he knows. But the bottom line is not changing. The evidence is pretty solid that this was a murder/suicide.”

Masterson went on to describe that blood evidence was collected from the apartment below Hayes and Moseley’s apartment, which the LAPD says could’ve been attributed to overflowing bath water. Both Floyd Mayweather and Trey Songz did not respond to requests for comments from the New York Daily News about the allegations.

[Image credit of Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley: Instagram]