Kate Gosselin ‘Overwhelmed’ On ‘Kate Plus 8’: Get A Peek At What’s To Come On The Show

Kate Gosselin is back with her eight kids for more Kate Plus 8 excitement on TLC. After showcasing their lives in one episode back in June, the network decided to create more for viewers to indulge in. Be ready to watch Kate try managing her older children who are a lot more outspoken! The 10-year-old sextuplets know how to keep momma on her toes, and teenagers Mady and Cara never back down in a debate with her, either.

Gosselin isn’t exaggerating when she says she feels “overwhelmed” in her role as mom.

E! News has a sneak peek glimpse into the 5-episode mini-series set to air. The kids are energetic and never let any grass grow under their feet. Kate is seen taking her kids on a vacation in Maine, going to Massachusetts for a Pilgrim event, celebrating the family dog’s birthday, and getting lobsters for dinner. When Kate plans a trip for everyone to go paddle boarding, Mady and Cara don’t have a lot of faith that their mother will get through the experience.

“She’s always like, ‘I love boats,'” Mady and Cara say. “But then she got into the little paddle boat and she was like ‘Ahhhh!'”

Kate deals with the kids’ opinions, disagreements, and different wants.

“They just have minds of their own. And I just surrender.”

As was reported by Inquisitr recently, Kate Gosselin held a huge garage sale that will appear on Kate Plus 8. Although ex-husband Jon Gosselin won’t be in the show, he will be seen during the garage sale segment. Several celebrity and entertainment sites covered this at the time. TMZ reports that Jon showed up to pick up some old stuff he left after the divorce and went to see the kids.

At one point in the show, a renovation of their house is underway. The twins argue about who gets a private room during the process.

Kate arranges a fourteenth birthday party for the girls on the show, too.

All of these activities take place over the course of five episodes. Kate admits it’s a challenge for her to be optimistic with so much going on.

“I feel so overwhelmed lately that it’s sometimes hard to stay positive.”

Fans get to see firsthand how the Gosselins are living their lives on-screen now that the kids are older.

Watch Kate Gosselin and her kids in the new season of Kate Plus 8 that begins January 13, 2015 at 9 p.m.

[Image via ABC News]