‘The Little Prince’ Movie Trailer Excites Fans Despite Language Barrier

The movie trailer for The Little Prince was quietly released this week. Though the trailer is entirely in French, fans are excited for the adaptation of the classic book by Antoine de Sainte-Exupery. The Little Prince will be released in late 2015.

CNN reports that Mark Osborne of Kung Fu Panda fame will direct the animated film. A young girl befriends an elderly neighbor as she discovers pages of The Little Prince floating through her window. The original book’s story also comes to life in beautiful design of the little boy and his fox.

The novella’s narrator was inspired by de Sainte-Exupery’s personal experiences as a pilot before and during World War II. In the book, a stranded aviator meets a little boy, who he learns is an alien from an asteroid. The boy’s innocence and stories capture the pilot’s imagination. The Little Prince is third on the list of all time best-selling novels with over 100 million copies sold.

First looks at the 3-D animation capture the essence of the original novella’s illustrations, some of which are actually featured on pages that the little girl finds in the film.

Translations of the dialog suggest that the old man is the pilot who narrates The Little Prince. He can be heard talking about flights and wears classic aviator goggles and cap.

“I’ve flown almost everywhere in the world… until something miraculous happened. I’ve always wanted to find someone to share my story with, but I think this world, it’s become too adult. It’s only the beginning of the story!”

The Little Prince also has the support of a major, star-studded, celebrity cast. According to E! News, Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, James Franco, and Benicio Del Toro are among the actors involved with the film. The movie trailer features Lily Allen’s 2013 cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” which adds to its magical and nostalgic feel.

The voice of the little girl is supplied by Mackenzie Foy, who played Renesmee in Twilight and had a small role in Interstellar as reported by the Inquisitr. Fans have reacted to the movie trailer with an outpouring of support.

“the little prince” is being made into a movie coming out next october and i’m already emotional as hell about it i love that story so much

— gingerbread man (@sadalpacino) December 11, 2014

Watch the “miraculeuse” trailer below.

[Photo Source: YouTube]