Tyra Banks Sued: Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Aims For Big Payday

Tyra Banks is being sued by former America’s Next Top Model contestant Angelea Preston. Many will remember that Preston’s sudden departure from the show during her second stint was a mysterious shocker at the time, and now, more information is being revealed about what supposedly went down. Preston now wants Banks to pay $3 million for how it all played out.

RumorFix shares the details on the case of Preston suing Tyra Banks. Angelea claims that she won ANTM Season 17 in 2011, but she was disqualified before the episode aired. She claims that she was disqualified because she had been an escort in the past, but she says that was never hidden in her return to the show.

The America’s Next Top Model did sign a “Participant Agreement” that noted she could be disqualified if she brought embarrassment to the show. However, her attorneys say that the agreement is invalid. They say that there was an oral agreement in place that trumps the written agreement.

Angelea’s attorneys also say that producers knew about Angelea’s escort past before she was added to the All-Star cycle of the show. Preston had already participated in Season 14 of the show, and her disqualification came during Season 17.

The legal papers also note that Banks was aware of Preston’s controversial past. There is said to be a filmed, but unaired scene where Angelea thanked Tyra for changing her life, and Preston noted there were things she had done for money in her past that she was not proud of.

The lawsuit also claims that Preston endured emotional distress, saying the show did not pay minimum wage or overtime, and the models did not get meal breaks. By being disqualified, Preston alleges that she lost out on a Vogue Italia fashion spread, a CoverGirl campaign, an Express fashion campaign and a correspondent gig with Extra.

As the Wrap notes, Preston is suing Tyra Banks, as well as the network. Angelea alleges breach of contract and both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Ultimately, Lisa D’Amato was named the winner of ANTM Season 17.

The CW, the network behind America’s Next Top Model, told the Wrap that information about Angelea was discovered after production wrapped, and it led to her disqualification. They say they are confident that the lawsuit has no merit. So far, Banks has not commented on the lawsuit. Will Angelea Preston’s move to sue Tyra Banks and the network land her a big payday? Fans aren’t so sure, but they’ll be watching for updates.

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