Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Comes To Mother’s Rescue: ‘Haters Gonna Hate’

Kim Zolciak gave birth to her twins just about a year ago, and it didn’t take her long to start working out to get her body back after this tough pregnancy. She admitted several times that it was tough to walk around with two babies, and she often documented her pregnancy journey on Instagram.

When Kim Zolciak started filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was in her 20s, but because of her makeup and her wigs, she actually looked much older than she was. When Zolciak revealed her age on a reunion show, people were shocked at how young she actually was. But it seems like things have changed a little as Kim is starting to look much younger. And now, her daughter is coming to her defense.

According to a new tweet, Kim Zolciak has been working on her health and her appearance since giving birth to her twins, and her oldest daughter, Brielle, came to her defense on Twitter. And she makes a compelling argument in defense of her mother, given Zolciak is the mother of six children.

“Please tell me how she doesn’t look 36? I know people in their 20s who look 10 years older than her! #HatersGonnaHate,” Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle wrote on Twitter, which was a tweet that Kim retweeted on her own account.

Brielle shared two pictures side by side of her mother. And she doesn’t look 36 at all. She actually looks much younger, and Kim Zolciak has been sharing her health tips on Instagram. Zolciak has been drinking 310 nutrition shakes, and she has been marketing them aggressively on her social media accounts. But they do appear to work as she recently showed off her skinny waist.

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But Kim Zolciak did have a little bit of help. On Don’t Be Tardy, Kim and her husband traveled to Miami to have a breast lift and a tummy tuck after she gave birth. She wanted to fix the parts of her body she didn’t like, and she was determined to do the rest of the work in the gym once her body healed.

And it sounds like her husband was quite supportive of her decision. According to the Inquisitr, Kroy was taking care of his wife as she was recovering from the various surgeries. And now, she is showing off her body, and it looks great.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak’s daughter coming to her defense? Do you think Kim looks younger now compared to her first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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