WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Officially Returning Next Week On Live WWE SmackDown

While WWE Superstar Roman Reigns made an appearance on WWE RAW this past week to accept the Slammy for Superstar of the Year, he will officially return to WWE next week. WWE is expected to do a Live WWE SmackDown special on SyFy next Tuesday, which would be fun to see. Usually the Live SmackDown shows cannot be missed, so Reigns being present makes a lot of sense.

According to EWN, Reigns was promoted during a hockey game at the VanAndel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday night. A promo was aired in the arena for next week’s Live episode of SmackDown billing a “returning” Roman Reigns.

Reigns should be wrestling on the show, but that is uncertain. He has been cleared to return to the ring, so he is ready to go in and take bumps today if they wanted him to. A lot of people might wonder why WWE is not having him work his first match back on RAW. There are a variety of reasons. The first is that WWE is expected to do a lot with Brock Lesnar on RAW.

Seth Rollins is rumored to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Lesnar next Monday and we’re expected to see Randy Orton back as well. Orton might be appearing on the TLC PPV to help John Cena win, thus causing a rivalry with Seth Rollins who cost him months of his career. However, Orton will return to TV next Monday.

The next reason is because WWE wants to make WWE SmackDown look just as important as WWE RAW. WWE has been trying to make the shows different and fun. Along with this, they are adding a lot of major storyline additions to programs on SmackDown as well. The idea to make SmackDown as important as RAW makes sense, however fans have been sour on the show due to it being a RAW recap show the last few years.

On top of this, the brand split made SmackDown worth seeing. Now that it is gone, fans aren’t caring. We’ll see everything on RAW anyway. WWE might change this in the future, but for now they are at least trying to give us big, must-see moments on SmackDown. Roman Reigns’ official return to TV would be one of those moments.

It makes a lot of sense in the end for it to happen this way. WWE has huge plans for Roman Reigns heading into the new year. Reigns is expected to have the rocket ship attached to him, so expect WWE to use him in a major way soon.

[IMG Credit: Roman-Reigns.net]