‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Foster: ‘It Was Important For You To Hear It From Me’

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster wasn't expecting the shocking and emotional phone call from her husband, David Foster, while she was vacationing on the yacht in Spain with Kyle Richards and her family. It was clear that she was completely shocked when David called her to share the news, and as Yolanda explains in her blog for the episode, she went into complete shock.

Yolanda Foster reveals that she hadn't said anything about this to the public because she wanted the opportunity to explain it to her fans. "Sharing this personal parenting story with you is a very sensitive subject, but I felt it was important for you to hear it from me," Foster explains in her Bravo blog. And now, she is sharing everything about the incident.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster explains that she continues to be disappointed and hurt by her daughter's decision to drive while under the influence. She could have hurt herself and other people. Foster explains that after she heard the news, she was completely shocked, and she spent all night crying.

It sounds like Bella has already gotten her sentence for this crime. For Foster's daughter, there were both legal punishments, as well as punishments in the home.

"I decided to take her phone away, make her pay for her own lawyer bills from her savings, and we sold her car. The court suspended her license for one year, she received six months probation, and was required to conduct 25 hours of community service and 20 hours of AA meetings," Yolanda explains.
But Foster's daughter herself has also expressed regret over her decision to get in a car and drive after drinking throughout the night.
"Bella has always been a very conscientious child, so dealing with a heart filled with regret plus the consequences and shame of her actions has been a tough burden for her to bear. Life taught her that sometimes good people make bad choices but that it doesn't mean they are bad people...it means they are human," Yolanda Foster explains, adding, "The reality is that it was a very painful experience and a lesson learned for our family. The truth is that none of us are perfect. I have and still make mistakes at age 50, so expectations of a life without mistakes from my children would be unrealistic and unfair."
According to the Inquisitr, this is the last thing Yolanda needs to deal with. Recently, Foster gave an interview in which she revealed that she still spends the majority of her time in bed, treating her Lyme Disease.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster's honest thoughts about her daughter's mistake?

[Image via Bravo]