Demi Lovato ‘Vagina Flick’: Fan Pens Fake Story About Bizarre Encounter

Demi Lovato was recently the subject of a very bizarre tale penned by a so-called “fan” who claimed to have had an unpleasant encounter with the pop star.

The “Neon Lights” singer is well-known for her struggles with depression and an eating disorder, though one fan claims that didn’t stop Lovato from transforming into a fat-shaming demon during a pricy meet and greet session. Although there isn’t a stitch of truth to the story, that didn’t stop this odd bit of fiction from going viral.

According to Billboard, the Demi Lovato story begins after the individual forked over several hundred dollars for a chance to meet the superstar. What started as an innocent M&G quickly transformed into nightmare. Unfortunately for those who love horrible stories involving international celebrities, the whole thing is a farce.

Here’s the Demi Lovato tale, which originally popped up on Twitlonger.

“[Lovato] was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with ‘fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking ‘you saved my life’ I say ‘you’re the reason I’m alive today.’ She looks me dead in the eye and says ‘you’ll die soon enough fatty’ and then whispered ‘obesity.’ I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said ‘are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my vagina. I headed out of the M&G section and that’s when Demi started speaking whale to me.”

MTV News reports that it didn’t take very long for the admittedly entertaining tale to makes the rounds online. At some point, the story found its way to Iggy Azalea, who shared her thoughts and feelings about the fake encounter on Twitter.

Naturally, other folks on Twitter were amused by Demi Lovato’s choice of words in the story. Even if it’s fake, people are seemingly enthralled with the tale.

vagina flick becomes a word in the dictionary in year 2030

— ❄️ (@MlLASHTON) December 11, 2014

Did you fall for the Demi Lovato “vagina flick” story?

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