Mama June Is A Thief, Says Chickadee From Honey Boo Boo [Video]

Mama June probably isn’t going to be winning mother of the year anytime soon. Not only did she continue to date child molester Mark McDaniel long after her daughter Chickadee confessed that he had also molested her as young as 8 years old, but now Mama June won’t choke up the rest the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo money that is owed to her daughters, Chickadee told Dr. Phil on his program Thursday.

“Mama’s name is on every single account [as] the head owner of the account. So, she can withdraw, take money out, give money, she can do any of that. I’m at the bottom cause I signed it when I was a minor.”

It’s truly heartbreaking to hear Chickadee speak this way about her mother, but the picture she paints of Mama June is that of a money-grubbing parental figure who cares more about herself than her children. This idea is especially upsetting in light of how much Mama June profited from Honey Boo Boo’s success, and even more so if Chickadee’s accusations that her mother is holding on to her daughter’s share of the money are true.

“She’s lied my entire life. She doesn’t have the ability to tell the truth.”

Mama June has tried to justify her actions in myriad ways. While most of these excuses have infuriated people, others offer sad insight into the psychology of Mama June, a mother who willingly put daughters Chickadee and Honey Boo Boo in close contact with a convicted sex offender. As it turns out, Mama June herself was often the object of illegal sexual activity as teenager, she told Entertainment Weekly last month.

“I was dating men who were in their 20s and 30s. My momma knew about it. I mean, I would lie say they were like 21, 22 — but she knew. But with Mark, I was 20; he was 38. It was an 18 year age difference.”

Following Mama June’s scandal, the Honey Boo Boo family matriarch has continued to try to win back the public. She recently told fans that she would be getting back with former beau Sugar Bear, attempting to distance herself from McDaniel. That plan, however, also seem to have gone sour. Also on Thursday, Mama June called out Sugar Bear on her personal Facebook for “scamming” her, reported TMZ.

“he has already scammed many girls on here to fell in love with them… so baby if u think u r his one in only u r wrong big time.”

Do you think Mama June is withholding Honey Boo Boo money from Chickadee?

[Image via Entertainment Weekly and TLC]