WWE News: Bully Ray Wants A Feud With Brock Lesnar

It’s been nearly a decade since wrestling fans have seen Bully Ray, formerly known as Bubba Ray Dudley, in WWE. Now, Bully Ray wants to return to WWE, and feud with the current WWE world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

WWE fans who have never watched TNA wrestling will only know Bully Ray as Bubba Ray Dudley, and remember him as the heavy-set, tag-team specialist with his half brother D-Von Dudley. Well, if you’re one of those WWE fans, you’ll likely be surprised the next time you see the former Dudley Boy, as Bully Ray has completely changed his body, his character and, in the process, has carved out a pretty successful singles career.

In a recent interview, Bully Ray was asked about what’s next for him, and who he would like to get in the ring with in the future, and Bully Ray responded by saying the following.

“I don’t know what’s next, I’m just gonna let it happen. I am so happy with my career and what I have accomplished that if my career ended tomorrow, I could walk off into the sunset with a huge smile on my face. However, because of the success of the Bully Ray character, I’m hearing a lot of people clamoring for me to go back to the WWE to try to see if Bully Ray could do something over there.

“Personally, I think I could [be successful in WWE]. I think it’d be a lot of fun. If I were to go back to WWE either as Bully Ray by myself or to finish out my career with D-Von as Team 3D, I think both things could work. I think the fans, first and foremost, want to see it. They have been very active on Twitter and social media saying ‘We want Bully Ray in WWE’ or ‘We want Team 3D back in WWE.’ Like I said, if it’s right, maybe it’ll happen. But if it didn’t, I still go out with a huge smile on my face.

“I tweeted last week that ‘I’m the 1 who can defeat the 1 who put the 1 in 21-1.’ I’m confident in my ability in the ring, and I’m confident in my ability on the mic. So, from a physical standpoint, Bully versus Brock Lesnar would be very interesting, and a verbal battle on the microphone, could you imagine Bully Ray and Paul Heyman?”

If Bully Ray is brought back to WWE, Vince McMahon will likely want to bring him back as Bubba Ray Dudley simply because Vince hates using an idea that was successful in another company, and if he does, he usually kills it. Remember the NWO in 2002? That was killed off in a matter of months.

WWE fans would probably want to see the Dudley Boys in WWE one last time, and WWE would be smart to bring Bully Ray and D-Von back as a tag-team in an effort to spice up their tag-team division, which has been dead for several years now.

It seems that WWE has been hesitant to bring anyone over from TNA in recent years, and, as of right now, WWE probably isn’t interested in acquiring any TNA talent. If they were, Kurt Angle would have chosen to sign with WWE, instead of re-signing with TNA.

It may be a bad time for Bully Ray to want to make a WWE comeback. However, you never know what could happen, and there have never been any reports of bad blood between WWE and Bully Ray, so, he probably has just as good of a chance at coming into WWE as every other top guy in TNA does.

[Image via TNA]