2014 Xmas Jammies YouTube Video: #JammieTime Holderness Family Christmas Video Goes Viral Again

Remember the funny Xmas Jammies video that went viral last year? If you didn’t see the Holderness family dancing in their driveway in their Christmas pajamas, there’s good news — Penn and Kim Holderness, along with their two children, are back with a new video greeting.

The 2014 Holderness Christmas video newsletter is appropriately named #JammieTime, and it rivals last year’s memorable video. Last year’s video instantly went viral on YouTube, with ABC News reporting that it was viewed by more than 15 million people. The couple followed up with several other videos, but the one that’s really worth viewing is the newly released #JammieTime. (Watch the video above)

In their Christmas pajamas, Mom, Dad and the kids cover R.E.M.’s popular song “End of the World” and change the lyrics to “It’s the end of the year and we love it.” Penn and Kim Holderness tell Today that they are “humbled” by the feedback about their videos and never expected the first video Christmas card to go viral.

“Let me start by saying NO. No, we had no idea when we danced in the driveway in our Christmas pajamas that several million people would watch it. No, we had no idea whether this huge leap would lead to success or sleeping on the floor in my in-laws’ basement. But, YES, we are humbled daily, grateful always, and still worry this crazy ride will run off the rails.”

Why did the family start making these humorous holiday videos? It all started last year, when the family couldn’t get a “perfectly posed photo” for their family’s Christmas card. Kim states that they decided to try making a video greeting card instead since they were in the midst of building their own video production business. It turned out to be great alternative to a printed card and a very successful one at that.

“The response was unbelievable. Within a week we received 13,000 emails. THIRTEEN. THOUSAND. Many were from businesses looking to hire us to make videos and create digital marketing plans.”

The silly video they created in 2013 (below) led to success, with Kim Holderness writing in a post for Today that the family now works behind the scenes for a variety of brands, along with a “crazy crew of talented people.”

This year’s XMas Jammies video is something the family had been thinking about since the beginning of the year. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving that they finally decided what song would be used in their 2014 “holiday video newsletter.”

“While going for a run on Thanksgiving morning Penn looked at me and said, “I think I got it. The song is fast. Really fast. And it sounds exactly like our year felt — quick, crazy, and happy.”

Watch the 2014 Holderness Christmas video newsletter video #JammieTime at the top of the page. If you haven’t watched last year’s, watch the 2013 Xmas Jammies video below.

[Image: JammieTime Video Screen Grab]