Kerry Washington Divorce: Actress Reportedly Splitting With Husband Nnamdi Asomugha After Just One Year

Kerry Washington is reportedly planning a quiet divorce from husband Nnamdi Asomugha, splitting after a little more than a year, and just seven months after their daughter was born.

Washington has been notoriously private with her personal life, rarely talking about her relationship with the former NFL star. A source is now shedding light on the marriage, saying that the two were apart more than they were together.

From OK! Magazine:

“Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha have kept the details of their union extremely private. And according to a source close to the star, the secrecy may be for good reason. Washington rarely talks about her marriage or the couple’s 7-month-old daughter Isabelle. Many suspect the Scandal star is just protecting her family’s privacy. But an insider told OK! that even though they’ve been married for over one year, Washington has ‘spent very little time’ with her hubby.”

The report pointed to a 2013 interview with Glamour in which Kerry Washington said she wanted to keep her relationship with Nnamdi Asomugha private.

“I’m walking around in the world with my ring. And when people say congratulations, I say thank you. But I’m going to continue to not talk about it and just let it unfold,” she said.

This is not the first time that Kerry Washington has faced divorce rumors. A report from earlier this year claimed that their marriage was a sham.

The blog Terez Owens claimed that Asomugha is actually a “beard” for Kerry Washington, covering for the fact that both are secretly gay.

The report cited a source who said:

“Everyone in the NFL knew he was gay, and he’s slept around a lot, even once with a former Philly player who is now out of the closet, and who I am friends with, thus I have DIRECT information on it. Now that he has “switched” careers to acting, he’s been seen for example, at Thursday’s John Wooten Awards event in NYC chatting up an unknown young man for the whole night… and leaving with him. So because it’s not just confined to sports anymore, as those pre SB events had many people witnessing various things, including this one, he is not as protected as he was before. People TALK.”

True to her reputation, Kerry Washington has not responded to the divorce rumors.

[Image via ABC]