Tonight’s SNL To Feature Katy Perry’s Boobs [Video]

Tonight, Katy Perry, and her boobs, will host Saturday Night Live. The “Fireworks” singer has appeared on the late night sketch show before but this will be her first time taking on the role of host.

So what can we expect from Katy Perry tonight? Apparently, a whole lot of cleavage.

Perry told Access Hollywood:

“There were a lot of [skit] pitches about my boobs. I was cool about that, but I’m not sure all of it [got] in. So we’ll see.”

And this won’t be the first time that Katy Perry‘s boobs were featured during an SNL sketch. After Perry made a funny (or racy, depending on your view) video with Elmo from Sesame Street, the singer appeared on SNL to make light of the controversy.

Here’s the video of her SNL Elmo T-Shirt sketch.

Perry also said that her husband, Russel Brand, who has some SNL hosting experience, has been coaching Perry for her performance tonight. Perry said:

“Of course my husband [has given me advice]. Every day I’m checking in with him and he’s giving me the next day move on what I should do or what’s gonna go on or how I should act.”

Still, Perry’s pretty sure that she’ll screw something up tonight. Perry told MTV:

“Well, you’re gonna see some Hello Kitty, some cockney accents, maybe, and some of me flubbing my lines, probably laughing out loud at Kristen Wiig, ’cause she’s amazing.”

How do you think Katy Perry will do on SNL tonight?