Angela Box: 3rd Grade Teacher Wants Ebola To ‘Take Out Obama’ [Video]

Angela Box, the former third grade teacher at Ray Daily Elementary school in west Houston, Texas, resigned with pay. Box made racists comments about President Barack Obama and Muslims on a local political program in November.

In one episode of the local conservative political show Tommy’s Garage, Box jokingly had this to say.

“Can’t Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?”

Box also made anti-Muslim and profane remarks on public access television. When news about Box’s comments surfaced, Houston Independent School District officials said they respect an employee’s First Amendment rights of free speech. Nonetheless, they are individually handling the concerns of local parents.

The Houston Chronicle reported comments made by spokesperson Ruth Nasrullah.

“Our concern has always been the children — the students in the classroom and whether or not they’re impacted by the things Ms. Box said. So we’re happy, we’re satisfied, with the fact she’s no longer going to be working in the school.”

Box offered her resignation to the school board, where they unanimously accepted with a 6-0 vote. Houston Independent School District trustees approved a three-month pay package for Box. Box’s salary was $50,100.

Houston’s FOX 26 reported the following comments by Box.

“Disagreeing with the President or sounding the alarm about radical Islam is not racist Millions of Americans also share my view and that doesn’t make them racists either.”

She added, “Yes, I am a very good role model for children I’m a great teacher my students adore me and I adore them.”

When Box was asked about her reference to Muslims fornicating with goats, she was unapologetic in her response.

“Did I say that on the air? Well, I saw a video one day and I’ve seen a few of them and I think it was Israeli surveillance and that kind of looked like what was going on.”

Angela is attempting to clear her name by claiming she is not a racist. However, lately she has been voicing her aggressive attitude on Twitter and Facebook.

This week she wrote the following on Twitter.

“Degenerate liberals and America-hating, radical Muslim apologists get to say whatever but patriots have to shut up? NO MORE.”

This Wednesday, Box had this to say on Facebook.

“I’m sure any of the people around the world — including the 3,000 innocent souls lost on 9-11 — who have been brutally murdered, genitally mutilated, crucified, enslaved, raped, stoned to death, burnt alive, or bombed by radical Muslims would gladly trade places with the terrorists the CIA made stand up for a long time, listen to death metal, or made really super cold.”

Box made it clear she didn’t want children to watch her on the public access television show.

“No I don’t want children to watch it. That’s cuckoo talk. But we’re adults and it plays on midnights on a cable access station. It’s a comedy satire show for people that have strong opinions.”

Angela Box most certainly has a strong opinion. Perhaps, too strong.