Prep The TARDIS, Watson: A ‘Sherlock’ And ‘Doctor Who’ Theme Park Is Coming To The United Kingdom

For those who love Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, you may actually be able to fulfill your wildest dreams, and not just in your own basement. The BBC has licensed two of its most popular franchises, and will have them brought to life as a theme park in Southeast England.

According to The Verge, the London Paramount Entertainment Resort would be a £2 billion ($3.14 billion) theme park that is tentatively scheduled to open its gates in 2020.

Not only would there be rides and attractions inspired by Doctor Who and Sherlock, but also another popular show, Top Gear. For now, those are the only listed ideas, but there will be more to come. That’s not even mentioning the Paramount films they could choose from, such as Mission: Impossible, The Godfather, and Star Trek.

A Kuwait-backed property developer has a deal in place with the BBC to have the famed shows “brought to life,” and there is even an artist rendering of how the Doctor Who and Sherlock theme park may look.

sherlock doctor who theme park

The Guardian states that London Resort Company Holdings has said the agreement with the BBC is the first step in a former partnership between the two. With the theme park now more than an idea, it’s opening by Easter of 2020 is targeted full force.

At this point, it’s up to the two companies to take their popular program brands and movies and decide which are the most important to include. Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Top Gear are already pretty much confirmed for the theme park, but could there be a Downtown Abbey section as well?

The main goals are to bring the popular programs to life, but also to attract foreign tourists to the UK. Brits have grown up with BBC programming and would love to see their favorites in person, but now their popularity has spread throughout the world.

As of now, the new theme park and holiday resort is going to be built by the Thames estuary in north Kent, and Paramount Pictures is indeed a partner.

Rumors are starting to fly about what kind of rides and attractions could be a part of the park. Could there be a TARDIS-type thrill ride? Would there be a mysterious dark ride to help Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery?

No matter what, the excitement is already spreading fast, and people are already getting antsy to see what a Sherlock and Doctor Who theme park really could bring to the world.

[Image via PBS/Paramount]