Stephanie Moseley, Husband Earl Hayes Attempted Reconciliation Before Murder/Suicide

The presumed reconciliation between Stephanie Moseley and Earl Warren Hayes never panned out.

Fox News reports that Moseley, 30, and Hayes, 34, were attempting to reconcile a five-year marriage after a brief separation. Instead, neighbors heard gunshots and a woman screaming from the Park La Brea residence in the Fairfax district that Moseley and Hayes shared. Hayes allegedly killed Moseley, then committed suicide.

Homicide detective Scott Masterson talked to Moseley’s family in Canada, and the trial separation had been confirmed, “but they had recently gotten back together and were trying to work things out,” Masterson said.

Police have questioned family members and friends, and all information is leading police to assume that there was indeed an attempt at reconciliation between the estranged couple. Moseley had called her family about the situation, and “things were going pretty (well) and that she was upbeat and optimistic about things,” Det. Masterson said. But police are still unsure what led to the violent end police found Monday.

Police are also investigating the possibility that Floyd Mayweather Jr., an acquaintance of Hayes, may have knowledge of the situation, and the police would like to speak with the champion boxer.

“We know that there’s a relationship there,” Masterson said. “If he has anything significant to add to the investigation, we want to know.”

Two attorneys representing Mayweather have not heard from the boxer, who is due in San Antonio Friday night for a fight.

According to US Magazine, Moseley’s friends and family were just as confused as to why the reconciliation suddenly turned violent.

Moseley’s life coach, Burrel L. Wilks, vocalized that sentiment when interviewed.

“I’ve had sit-downs with both of them so whatever happened behind those doors we’ll never know,” he told an NBC News L.A. affiliate. “But I heard out of her own mouth, he never raised a hand on her so this is kind of stunning.”

Even Moseley’s close friend, America’s Next Top Model’s Eva Marcille, found it hard to believe.

“Everyone has their problems, but if you’re asking if anyone knew that something would come to this, hell no… I thought it was a lie when I got the phone call.”

Moseley, a dancer and actress best known for her appearance in VH1’s Hit The Floor, and her family are receiving financial support from her former castmates. Her Hit The Floor family started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help defray the costs the Moseley family is now facing, according to Page Six. As of this writing, the website has collected $7,215 in donations.

“Stephanie Moseley represented the very best in all of us, and always did it in beat and with a smile,” read a summary on the site. “The world lost an amazing talent, and heaven gained an angel.”

[Image courtesy of ET Online]