Kim And Kanye Divorce Not Happening, Never Was — ‘Kanye Isn’t Going Anywhere’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married almost seven months, and divorce rumors are already circulating online. Little North West’s mother and father are working parents who travel frequently, making their relationship a target for tabloids every time they are apart for more than a few days.

Kanye controlling Kim’s “every move” and his constant demands that she spend more time with North are reportedly just two of the many unsubstantiated stories circulating online, along with the barely-believable chatter about Kim being close to filing divorce papers.

Hollywood Life reports that despite all of the tabloid gossip, a source close to the couple states that Kanye “isn’t going anywhere.”

“Kanye isn’t going anywhere. He’s a family man and the chatter about he and Kim having problems in nonsense. He hates hearing it, talking about it and even seeing it in print because it isn’t true. It makes him angry to see that sh*t people [are] writing about him.”

Many of the Kim and Kanye divorce rumors have run in the tabloid Star magazine, including what Gossip Cop states is a completely fabricated story about the couple looking “miserable” while leaving a New York City restaurant last week. Apparently they were not smiling because the paparazzi was following their every move, not because they were upset with each other.

“When they left the restaurant because they were being pursued by the paparazzi… it was cold, windy, rainy night in New York. If Kardashian and West were so determined to make people believe they are happy, they would have put on a show for the cameras, which they did not.”

A recent article written by In Touch claims that Kim wanted to get out of her marriage because Kanye wasn’t home for Thanksgiving. Hollywood Life‘s source states that this is “totally not true.”

“He’s just working, that’s all. It’s the end of the year, time to go out with a bang. He’s heading home. Everything is fine.”

Kardashian’s rep states that stories in the tabloids about the couple’s rocky relationship and their supposed arguments over their daughter’s care are “absolutely not true.” Despite the confirmation from the reality star’s rep, it’s likely there will be many more Kim and Kanye divorce rumors to come.

[Image: CNN]