‘Arrow’ Mid-Season Finale: Don’t Panic! Why A Certain Character May Not Be Dead

Spoiler alert! The mid-season finale of Arrow just aired, and this article discusses a key event in the episode. If you have not watched this episode, then you shouldn’t read this article as to avoid spoilers!

Arrow fans around the world are no doubt reeling from the shock of how the Arrow mid-season finale ended.

You are all no doubt asking yourselves the same question: “Is Oliver Queen REALLY dead?”

Before going off to face the dreaded Ra’s al Ghul, this Arrow episode gave us Oliver telling Felicity that he loved her, which on its own signaled that things probably weren’t going to go well.

When Queen was finally face to face with Ghul, he and the villain chose to face him with no weapons. Definitely a second major clue that Oliver was probably in over his head.

The last heavy hint would of course have been the sword through his mid-section, last rites delivered courtesy of Ra’s al Ghul himself, and getting kicked off the side of a cliff. It didn’t help that in the voice-over for the next episode of Arrow, which we won’t see until January 21, someone announces that Oliver is dead.

Are you worried that Arrow made the mistake of killing off the show’s hero with no warning?

Don’t panic!

There are a couple of clues (both from the Arrow trailer AND DC comic books), that could suggest that the Green Arrow will be just fine.

First, the trailer for the next episode of Arrow. We see Oliver’s limp body laying in the snow, but we also see that someone has found him. Could it be that once again the world only thinks that the Green Arrow was killed tragically rather than it being the truth?

It’s very possible that whoever it was that happens across Oliver in a future Arrow episode will save him and nurse him back to health.

The other factor, one that some DC comic fans have been speculating about, is a supernatural element specific to the Ra’s al Ghul character.

That is the Lazarus Pit.

If you don’t know, the Lazarus Pit is a mystical underground well known for its restorative capabilities. It can even save someone from dying. However, there are potential side-effects, such as temporary insanity.

Although we’ve seen what appears to be the Pit in a past episode of Arrow, it’s unknown whether or not it will have the same magical abilities on the show as it did in the comics.

However, with super-powered beings already introduced on both Arrow and The Flash, there’s plenty of reasons to assume that Queen seemingly met his end for the purpose of introducing the restorative capabilities of the Lazarus Pit.

What do you think Arrow fans: Is Oliver Queen really dead? If not, how will his not-quite death be handled?

[Image Credit: The CW Television Network]