Sony Leaked Emails Reveal A Planned ’21 Jump Street’ — ‘Men In Black’ Crossover Movie

According to leaked emails, Sony is reportedly working on a crossover film that would put the two leads from the 21 Jump Street franchise — Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum — into the Men In Black universe, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

You may recall that hackers — maybe North Korea, but probably not, according to this Inquisitr report — recently got into the email accounts of Sony executives recently and leaked the emails to the media. Some of the revelations have been salacious: Angelie Jolie is a “marginally-talented, spoiled brat!” Others have been mundane: Seth Rogen made more money than James Franco for The Interview.

But the latest bit of gossip to come from the email leaks is the news that Sony plans to mash up the characters from the 21 Jump Street franchise — along with its lead actors — and the Men In Black universe. Tatum and Hill would play their Jump Street characters, only instead of being undercover cops, they’d be MIB agents fighting aliens in the Men In Black agency.

It’s a plan that is either awesome or ridiculous, depending on your point of view.

Perez Hilton is taking the “ridiculous” side. The problem is that the proposed movie would include Tatum and Hill, but not Men In Black‘s stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith — at least not in lead roles.

“The new movie would be directed by Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller but it would apparently NOT include Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones!
Which seems kind of ridiculous. If you’re gonna have a crossover, do it RIGHT!”

Jonah Hill, on the other hand, is on board with the idea — at least in theory — according to a leaked email that he sent to a Sony executive.

“jump street merging with mib i think that’s clean and rad and powerful. [sic]”

The idea of a 21 Jump Street–Men In Black crossover would also allow for the Jump Street franchise to continue, in some form or another, in spite of the fact that the credits at the end of 22 Jump Street seemed to put the kibosh on further sequels by making fun of movie studios’ tendency to churn out pointless and ridiculous sequels to popular franchises.

As of this post, it’s unclear if the proposed Jump StreetMen In Black mashup is actually happening or if Sony is just in the “talking about it” phase. A leaked email from Sony head of production Hannah Minghella suggests that movie has been green-lighted (that is, approved), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to happen.

“We don’t have a script yet so we’ll be greenlighting the movie off the concept and the talent involved.”

Do you think putting the 21 Jump Street characters into the Men In Black universe makes sense?

[Image courtesy of Geek Tyrant]