The Dangers of Final Week: Student Freaks Out in Library [Video]

Finals week can be a strenuous time for college kids around the country. Long hours, too much caffeine, and the prospect of failing that one class you never showed up to can be too much for some people.

A video surfaced online this week from California State University, Northridge, that shows a young woman losing her temper while trying to study in the library.

So who’s at fault here? Is the library a place for complete and utter silence? Or should the woman in the video realize that other people sometime’s study in groups, or may breath too loudly, while studying in the library?

Here’s the video. (Some NSFW language.)

It doesn’t look like the “victims” of the attack are being too rude or obnoxious. Of course, filming only starts when the woman starts losing her cool. And since a camera is out in the first place, I’m guessing that the “victims” did something to provoke the “attack.” (Sorry for the quotes.)

Does your school have a problem with loud breathers?

The video has sparked a conversation on the internet, but no one’s quite sure what that conversation is about. Does the video show the increasing ridicule of Asians at universities? Is the video just a humorous studying incident? Does the video show that some students work themselves past the breaking point during finals week?