Arrest Warrant Issued For Former NBA Player Jason Caffey

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for former NBA player Jason Caffey. Caffey is accused of neglecting to pay thousands of dollars in child support money.

Jason Caffey Arrest Warrant

The warrant, issued Tuesday, claims Caffey failed to follow a court order instructing him to pay $200,000 to Lorunda Brown and her attorney, The Seattle Times reports. Caffey had previously filed his own bankruptcy case to counter the court order. His case was rejected by a judge last fall.

Caffey has had run-ins with the law, including other arrest warrants and time spent in jail, over child support payments in the past.

Brown is believed to be the mother of Caffey's 6-year-old son.

Jason Caffey in the NBA

Jason Caffey played for nine years in the NBA. His career included stints with the Chicago Bulls, the Golden State Warriors, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The following video shows Jason Caffey as a starter for the Bulls in a 1997 game against the Knicks.