Police Officer Pulls Over Drivers, But He Doesn’t Give Them A Ticket [Video]

There is probably nothing worse than a police officer pulling you over for a traffic offense during a hectic morning, but imagine if he doesn’t give you a ticket.

In Llowell, Michigan, several motorists got pulled over, but it was not for a traffic violation. A video that is going viral on the internet shows a local cop giving gifts to the unsuspecting drivers, when they were thinking they had been busted for not obeying the rules of the roads.

The video — posted to YouTube on Tuesday by the Llowell Police Department — is making the rounds and sparking conversation about how cool this whole idea is. The clip was put together by the Christian network Up TV, which came up with the plan to surprise local residents.

It all starts like any other traffic stop. The officer pulls over a random driver and while he is asking the usual questions one gets when a cop pulls a driver over, he strikes a conversation and asks about what’s on their Christmas list, some of which were quite expensive.

Through hidden microphones, a team of Elves working in conjunction with the cop goes into a nearby store to quickly buy the gift, wrap it, and bring it to the police officer. When the cop comes back with what the drivers thinks is a ticket, they are instead surprised with the Christmas gift they talked about.

Wonderment and incredulity ensue when the officer presents the drivers with their unexpected present. The look on these citizen’s faces is priceless. Steve Bukala, Lowell Police Chief, explained the reasons behind the Department’s actions to Click on Detroit.

“Most of the contact police officers have with the general public is during a traffic stop. You can find out a lot about that person in that 10-15 minute window, whether they’re having a good day, a bad day, or a horrible day and then we got this idea: what if we could change that person’s day in real time?”

The man on the video, police officer Scot Vansolkema, also talked about the experience.

“It was good to know that we were helping people out; now maybe people didn’t really need these things, but it was good to give them that Christmas magic.”

According to WWMT, Lowell police officers pulled over about 50 people and Up TV spent about $8,000 buying gifts for the motorists. Watch the awesome video and prepare to be amazed.

[Image via YouTube]