School Counselor Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Protesters

A high school counselor is on leave from Central Bucks West High School in Pennsylvania over something she allegedly said on Facebook. MaryKate Nyman Blankenburg, 37, reportedly threatened to shoot protesters who were demonstrating a “die-in” to protest the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, as well as the outrageous death of Eric Garner. Opposing Views reports that the woman took to Facebook angrily after learning that the 4-and-a-half-minute event was going to be taking place. The post was shocking and threatening in nature.

“If my child cannot get to the Eagles game due to protesters, I will personally SHOOT every one of them. You’ve been warned idiots!!”

Currently, the District Attorney’s office is investigating the threats that she made, so it’s not known at this time if the guidance counselor is going to actually face any charges. Her community appears to be rallying around her in support, while still acknowledging that what she said was brash and unnecessary. Even parents in the area, such as Debbie Stein, had something to say.

“Frankly, it was a bad choice of judgment and it’s a little bit further because it’s a teacher and they are representatives of the community and the children look up to them.”

The community knows all too well what kind of problems can arise when teachers get caught behaving poorly. Just this year, there have been allegations of sex abuse and hazing among the faculty in the Central Bucks School District. Bucks Local News reported in September that 31-year-old Bridgett Szychulski lost her teaching job and then was arrested after she allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

The fact of the matter is that school teachers have access to social media just as openly as anyone else, which means they are vulnerable to making the same mistakes as anyone else. Venting frustrations on social media can be taken in the wrong context very easily, which has led to an array of media reports similar to this one. Back in August the San Jose Mercury News reported that a Newark high school teacher was reprimanded after she made threatening comments about the kids in her class. Just like teachers are infallible, so are faculty members who are ordinarily trusted to make sound judgments in general. A school counselor in California was arrested at the beginning of the year for selling marijuana to at least two students at the school where he was employed.

[Photo credit: Mommyish/Screenshot]