Apple Lawyers Fighting The Release Of Steve Jobs’ Testimony, Claim The Media Just Wants To See A ‘Dead Man’

Steve Jobs’ prerecorded testimony for the major antitrust lawsuit against Apple is currently the focus of another legal battle, as Apple lawyers attempt to keep the video out of the media’s hands. Legal advisers from CNN, Bloomberg, and the Associated Press filed a motion to obtain the video deposition, claiming it is their right to obtain copies and share through their outlets. Apple claims the video was not admitted into evidence, therefore it is not legally required to be shared with the press. Apple’s lawyers also claim the media is attempting to see Steve Jobs at one of the sickest points prior to his death, accusing them of wanting to see “a dead man”.

According to Time Magazine, the representing law firm of the media companies only wants to acquire portions of the prerecorded deposition that the jury heard, a common practice in many high profile court cases. Tom Burke, a partner at David Wright Tremaine, is representing the media outlets and feels that his help was only called upon because of the high profile status of Steve Jobs and his death shortly after recording the video.

“We’re not asking for anything other than what the jury heard. Steve Jobs is not your typical trial witness, and that’s what makes this a unique circumstance.”

However, Apple lawyers claim that the content of the video did not provide substantial value to the case and was never admitted into evidence, and therefore should not be shared publicly. They also speculate that the media hopes to profit off of one of the last videos of Steve Jobs prior to his death, at a time when he was extremely sick. Jonathan Sherman, a lawyer with Boies, Schiller, and Flexner, shared his thoughts.

“The marginal value of seeing him again, in his black turtleneck — this time very sick — is small. What they they want is a dead man, and they want to show him to the rest of the world, because it’s a judicial record.”

Business Insider shared that the Apple is maintaining the stance that Steve Jobs’ health was and is a private matter. Sharing a documented video during a time when he was sickest, especially with the media, is something they consider to be an intrusion of his personal life and could rehash the loss within his family and close friends.

Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, the U.S. District Court Judge residing over the case, feels there could be an issue releasing the video, since recording the proceedings is not allowed. She feels that releasing the video may be a way for her to circumvent the rule of no video of the case. However, she will accept all arguments and make her decision accordingly.

[Photo Courtesy of Life Hack]